The Augusta Teen Center is dedicated to transforming the lives of teenagers, particularly those facing disadvantages, by providing a safe and nurturing environment where they can develop essential life skills and healthy habits. Our mission is to ensure that every adolescent we serve has access to caring adults, a supportive community, and opportunities to succeed academically and personally. By offering strength-based community youth development services, we aim to increase developmental assets, community engagement, and academic success for local students, many of whom are at-risk, low-income, or low-performing.

Our after-school programming is a cornerstone of our efforts, designed to provide a structured and positive environment that fosters learning and growth. We are proud to be the only organization in the Augusta area that offers free after-school programs to teenagers who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. Our diverse range of activities includes truancy prevention, arts, recreation, nutrition and wellness activities, and pre-vocational training. These programs not only support academic achievement but also help students build valuable life skills and engage positively with their community.

In addition to our after-school offerings, we provide a robust Summer Program that keeps youth engaged in meaningful and enriching experiences during the summer months. Our Outside the Box Nutrition Program encourages teens to think creatively about food and nutrition, teaching them how to prepare healthy meals from scratch. The Teen Leadership Program empowers young people to take on leadership roles and make a difference in their community. Furthermore, our restorative programs, Alternative to Suspension (A2S) and Diversion to Assets, offer constructive pathways for youth to learn from their mistakes and avoid serious difficulties. Through partnerships with local schools, the City of Augusta, the Augusta Police Department, and other dedicated organizations, we strive to create a community where adolescents are recognized and valued as contributors to the well-being of an age-integrated society

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