BGCAM Restorative Programs

Our Restorative programs work with the teens that need it most, before they offend and become part of the court system. With the current costs of youth incarceration ($200,000/offender annually), area juvenile arrests (166) represent a potential cost to taxpayers in this area of over $33,000,000, this is a great benefit to the teens as they work towards a future for themselves and the communities in which they live.

Alternative To Suspension Program (A2S):

At the Boys & Girls Club of Augusta (BGCAM) is a community-based effort designed to re-engage suspended teens challenged by traditional academic structure.

In partnership with staff and middle and high school administrators, our goal is to improve school completion and graduation rates for suspended students. Promoting positive choices, our trained staff and volunteers provide programming designed to address underlying issues that may be causing negative behaviors in school, and to help young people develop strengths and improve coping skills.

At the discretion of Assistant Principals, the program is offered as a voluntary program to students, requiring parental approval. Students sign a contract agreeing to participate and abide by the rules and policies of the BGCAM. The A2S program confirms daily student attendance with the school.