Roads To Success

Our Restorative programs work with the teens that need it most, before they offend and become part of the court system. With the current costs of youth incarceration ($200,000/offender annually), area juvenile arrests (166) represent a potential cost to taxpayers in this area of over $33,000,000, this is a great benefit to the teens as they work towards a future for themselves and the communities in which they live.

Alternative To Suspension Program (A2S):

Kids suspended 2-3 days

Instead of going home for a school suspension, students work with the ATC center staff to learn the skills they need to become productive and responsible community members.

Diversion To Assets Program (D2A):

Kids in trouble with the courts

Provides help to teens who have had a first encounter with the legal system. Our goal is to make young people accountable by connecting them with positive adult and peer influences, reinforcing personal asset development, creating strengths and interests within their communities, and helping them build work readiness skills to prevent them from reoffending.