How Can I Help?

The Augusta Teen Center provides teen programs that are aimed at capturing their interests while teaching valuable life and career skills. This enables us to help our teens grow, learn, and achieve because people just like you believe in them.

Please consider donating to our Augusta Teen Center teens!

After School Program

A safe place with caring adults who offer educational experiences & activities.

Outside The Box Nutrition

We feed 30-35 young people at the end of each day while teaching them valuable nutrition, career and life skills.

St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser

We bring youth, community, and families together to celebrate our young people.

Alternative to Suspension (A2S)

Teens suspended from school. We provide supports to reconnect to school and education.

Supporting our teens during the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is tough for many of our teens. Being able to provide needed gifts to our teens goes a long way towards connecting with teens and their families.

SaferDrivers Program

Using virtual reality, we can help teenagers practice in dangerous driving conditions without danger. This includes helping teens practice driving at night, on wet roads, and in other dangerous driving conditions without harming them.