The Edge Program is a program with the purpose of giving teens and employers "the edge" in their employment needs.

This consists of: -- Creating modules to help train teens in workplace skills that match employer workplace needs -- Providing certifications of learning for these different workplace skills -- Creating a network of employers looking for entry-level employees -- Creating a pool of potential entry-level employees with skills and understandings beyond that of most other entry-level employees The object is to give teenagers skills, practical practice and training to help them feel out the different job and career options. This will help each teen gain valuable experience while getting matched up with local partner businesses, further developing their resume. The benefit for partner businesses is that they will be part of a network of organizations looking for entry-level workers while being connected to a pool of potential employees. Edge Program: develops skills in preparation for employment, resumes, job search tools, career options explored. We connect our community business partners with a pool of responsible young peoples with the skills and potential for employment.